The Doc Reo Broadcasting Network

The Doc Reo Broadcasting Network is a online television, radio and and internet media network. is managed by Ahmir Media Services Group and partnered with Push Button Entertainment.

The network was founded by Ahmir Media, Push Button Entertainment & 10th Street Music in June of 2011. Our mission is to promote artists, businesses and organizations in the Doc Reo Broadcasting Network.

We also develop products and web applications for the forward advancement of the community through education, arts and technology.

Why a Network?

The advantages of our network allows us to offer our promotion services to a diverse network of sponsors, affiliates and organizations, while promoting a creative artist, an educational project or a new advancement in broadcast technology. The network has also been an integral part of providing community members with local television and radio production teams and locations.

  • Development 40%
  • Collaboration 90%
  • Internet Marketing 60%
  • Production 80%



Since our main office is located in Beverly Hills and our new field offices are located in Woodland Hills, we are local to many of the studio lots and LAX. If you would like to know more about becoming a member Doc Reo Broadcasting Sponsor Network, please contact us at (818) 322-3447

Network Sponsors

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Doc Reo

Doc Reo

Media Coach

Mini Doc is Back!

We also develop and produce animated content. Mini doc is back and he’s ornery as ever. Stay tuned to see him creeping across the bottom of your screen soon.  Only on Doc Reo TV.