Poli Sci Response


We have a forum in Political Science 001 in which we had to use a song, video or form of prose to explain our political stand point. Well you all know me. So here is my Poli Sci Response. The video is the response. It's a Doc Jams project. I had to set it up first though.

Funny thing about history is that it repeats itself throughout history. We all share the same Earth, the same oceans, and the same atmosphere. Let us attempt to understand each other in a free society, and let us work through our differences. Utilizing our creative skills of expression.

We all continue to create our world as we know it. It's time to remove the veil, stop the violence and create together.  For years the history and the politics I understood. Didn't have a place for someone like me. I grew up in South Central Los Angeles and I just didn't fit in just one group.

I went to a mixed performing arts schools. Many times through it all I felt like an outsider. I even met Tom Bradley and Maxine Waters before I was in high school, but I never felt that their history had anything to do with me. It always felt like history was His Story. A few years ago I looked back on my life.

That's when I realized that your story, our story, and my story are truly history. The way we live in society and how we vote to shape it. That is  one of the most important freedoms we have as Americans. Our checks and balances are what keep our system operational. I may not agree with many things in the system, but it's not for me to agree. It's takes all of us to cooperate and make the system work.  Sometimes I say to myself I would love to share our rights all over the world, but I have found that I do also enjoy the differences in all the cultures that I have come to meet. Here and everywhere on our planet. That makes it Our Story.

So I wrote a song about it. Want to hear it? Here it goes!