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Doc Reo is Mareo-Ahmir Lawson


Doc Reo Media provides production training and multimedia consulting for brand owners, small businesses, and organizations.

My name is Mareo-Ahmir Lawson and I am a Learning Experience Designer, Producer, and Multimedia Specialist.
Wait! You’re probably wondering but what do I do, right?



I help creators and brand owners use multimedia to grow their businesses.


I also show people how to use computer-based media tools.



So what’s the REAL STORY? Why am I here?



I am case study number one. I grew up in South Central Los Angeles in two worlds. Since I was a musician I had some privilege, but I still had to live and learn from both environments. I was Ward of the Court at fourteen, emancipated by seventeen, and homeless by eighteen.

Even though that was the way my adult life started, I survived, adapted, and overcame several obstacles to accomplish many of my goals. By my count, I had already been a professional musician, singer, actor, dancer, and videographer.

When I think about it now, I’ve lived a full life and fulfilled every dream I chased. To the point where I feel as though I have lived several lives. Yet, it doesn’t stop there. No not for me. The more I live the more I dream, so I say that we have to keep surviving, adapting, and overcoming.

What did it take for me to overcome these obstacles? It all started with me taking the first step. I had to take a risk. Every first step I took has either been a calculated or uncalculated risk. One of the biggest risks was serving in the military in the early 90’s. Afterward, I ventured into high-pressure sales in 1995. Most of us were Veterans or Veteran Allies and we served mostly military patrons.

I had a great salary that came with decent commission, for being one of the top salespeople in a national brick-and-mortar company. I started working for the company in Georgia, after exiting the military, and then transferred back to the West Coast to help them open two more stores in Southern California.

Although, I was good at it, selling credit for jewelry just did not appeal to me. I grew up an entertainer, so I craved working in entertainment, and by 2000 that’s what I did. I dove into audio and video production. I also succeeded in accomplishing a few more dreams.

Throughout my journey, I learned one thing. To accomplish each goal or mission, I had to change my habits, and that meant changing my mindset. Which also meant managing all the negative beliefs. I have about my abilities.

No matter how much I have done or achieved, I know I will keep learning, sharing, and growing. I believe that’s the reason why I’m living today. To share, to learn, to grow, and I cannot grow alone. I also learn more from working with others. So I am here to work with you.


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