If you or someone you know received a phone call from a Maryland number (301 or 240) stating that you are eligible for a free grant from the government. More than likely it is fraud.

If it sounds too good to be true…

I received a phone call earlier this week from a 301 number. The representative informed me that I was eligible to receive a free grant from the government. The first thing I need to do is call the 240 number in the photo below.


Phone Call Fraud

After some research I realized that the company was fake. I didn’t give them any information. I was actually prepared to do so when my Spider-Senses started tingling. The reporter in me wanted to know more. I looked them up while I was on the phone and the number seems clear of fraud reports. It took some digging. I wanted to find out if it was real. If so, I had plans to let others know. We could all use some free money.

Here is the live broadcast of the recording I prepped. Since they called me so many times all I had to do was set it up and wait. Coincidently that was also another sign. We all know that the Federal Government is too busy to keep calling me all day. Unless I was evading taxes. Even then they still wouldn’t call me five times in one day.

Check out the archive here.

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